At Carn Bosavern Garage we take a lot of pride in our work, especially when undertaking restoration projects of this magnitude. Throughout the course of each restoration we are in frequent contact with our customers, updating them with photos and information regarding their car as it progresses.

Below are just a few of the testimonies we’ve received from customers regarding their recently completed nut and bolt restoration projects.

1972 MGB Roadster

“Joe, Terry and the whole team, I’d just like to thank you for doing a such fantastic job on building my 1972 home market MGB Roadster. The whole process was a pleasure where we worked together from beginning to end, as I wanted the car to retain its charm and character but I also wanted to improve it for everyday use.

I always intended to take it to the car shows but never wanted it to be classed as a ‘Concourse’ car but a ‘Condition’ car. From the start I would throw my ideas in and I would get feedback from the team of what and would work and finally we put together the spec.”

“I went for Tartan Red, which was the most difficult decision as I only had one chance at it, I even lost sleep on deciding!!!!!! Other options were British Racing Green, Old English White and an off the wall colour of Metallic Grey. I wanted the car to have more power but still retain its low down torque, I was not interested in top end performance as I felt it was not what the car was built for and the driving experience would not be as pleasurable.

Once the car was completed the overall look was just what I wanted and from the first test drive it felt like the driving experience was just as we hoped for. I have now done the first 1000 miles and everything is working really well, the engine pulls very strongly from low revs in every gear, I no longer start in 1st gear as I have to change up too quickly, it is far easier to set off in 2nd gear without any change in my driving style.”

“It has now been to its first proper MG owners club show in the Northern region competition and came first in its class, I was obviously really pleased that all the hard work has payed off. Ultimately the car is for driving and having fun in and this it is doing in abundance, I even think my long suffering wife is getting into it!!!

I also find it really nice that other people who see it appreciate the workmanship that has gone in to it and the fact they appreciated that we have put back together a bit of our British motoring heritage. For now I am enjoying the summer and I am looking forward to a long term relationship with a car I have now called “Arte” (an acronym of the registration). Thanks once again for all your help!” – Michael Polkinghorne

1957 MGA Roadster

“Dear Terry and Joe, I would like to leave you a customer review and some photos of the MGA 1957 from Switzerland.

10 years ago we had discovered the Carn Bosavern Garage in St.Just and admired the beautiful vintage cars. I thought if I ever had such a nice MG … years later we contacted Terry and Joe.

About a year ago (2018) we visited the garage again. Father and son showed us the garage and explained how they work. We were convinced that we had found the right garage for our project.”

“The first pictures of my MGA Roadster 1957, imported back from California, didn’t look so good, but Terry assured me that it was a very well preserved MG. The MG was now disassembled and restored according to my wishes.

I was always happy when I received new photos of the work progress. My MGA was restored piece by piece to a wonderful condition as befitting an old timer. On the occasion of a visit in the workshop I could convince myself personally of the great work of the team.

And now it’s time…my dream came true! We have now taken over the MG in Dover and drove the jewel back to Switzerland. A beautiful 1,000 mile journey home through France and Germany, we arrived at home we registered the newcomer with the official control and redeemed the MGA without any problems in Switzerland.”

“Now the Brit is also a Swiss.

A big thank you to Terry, Joe, James, Bob and the whole team, you have done a wonderful job. It’s a lot of fun to ride around in Switzerland with the beautiful MGA!” – Peter Rechsteiner

1965 MGB Roadster

“Terry, Joe, James, Bob and all the team! A very big thank you for the great work you’ve done on the car. A brilliant job, well worth waiting the 10 months for and  you have a very happy and satisfied customer!”

“Good afternoon team, trust you’re all well & having a good Summer. That’s a year now I’ve had the car, & thoroughly enjoy driving her. 2050 miles of trouble free motoring (only comes out on sunny days, which can be quite rare here!) & just wanted to say what a great job you did, & again, thanks!” – Neil Richie

1959 Triumph TR3A

“Another fantastic visit to the garage. Our car restoration was an amazing journey, and the after care superb. The staff are always friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. Would thoroughly recommend Terry, Joe and the great team.” – Ron Thorn

1961 MGA Roadster

“Terry & Joe, just to say Steve dropped the car off today and I’ve since familiarised myself with it ( thanks for your notes). I went for a little drive around and to put some fuel in, during re-fueling it was admired and I was complimented on its immaculate condition. What a fantastic little car, it drives superbly and is easy. I love the colour combination more seeing it in the flesh, I expect it will give us much pleasure over the coming years. Thank you all and feel free to use me as a reference.” – Brian Caudwell

1958 MGA Roadster

“Terry and the team, thank you so much for bringing my MGA back to life. As you know I did attempt to do this myself 30 years ago but the enormity of the task got the better of me. The car was collected on a trailer and taken to Cornwall and has finally arrived back – it’s beautiful and drives superb!

I was 23 when I bought this car and now approaching 71, the MG is in much better condition now than when I first bought it – unlike my self! I’ve been married 44 years this year and had the car longer than the wife, but wouldn’t part with either of them! Thank you once again.” – Barry Turner

1961 Triumph TR3A

“The eagle has landed!

Couldn’t hide my delight when I saw it arrive on your truck. Went for a spin and loved it, Jenny took it out and had a big grin on her face. Couldn’t be more pleased everything I hoped for and imagined. The colour is spot on and looks and sounds fantastic. The photos didn’t do it justice! Can’t speak highly enough of the quality of work and the team, even though we’ve never met!! Thanks for a great job – if anyone ever wants to speak with a previous customer, tell them to give me a ring.” – John Curtis

1958 MGA Roadster

“Loving the MGA. Very positive with all that extra power. If I didn’t thank you all for the job before let me do it now. I’ve never had so much enjoyment from driving a car!” – Michael Kearns

1960 Triumph TR3A

“I would like to say that having my car restored by Carn Bosavern Garage has been quite a journey. From meeting Terry, Joe and the team personally, also viewing the chassis, body, then when the two became one, finally to when the rebuilt engine was replaced to give it life has been a journey of enlightenment and endurance. But boy has it all been worth while as I am immensely proud of my TR3A. A superb job well done.” – David Heap