Article No.13: Aug 2022 Projects

Welcome to another of our ‘Articles’ – a blog post illustrating the ins and outs here at Carn Bosavern Garage, based in St.Just, Cornwall. Ranging from details on a full restoration, to the intricacies of an engine rebuild, we take a look at both current and previous restorations on vehicles such as MGA’s, MGB’s, plus Triumph TR2’s, TR3’s and TR4’s. We will also give an update on our current stock of classic cars for sale and used cars for sale.

In this article we take a quick look at some of our restoration projects we currently have underway for customers.

This ‘small mouth’ Triumph TR3 has recently returned back from our bodyshop. As requested by the customer, it has had a full bare metal respray in ‘Carpthian Grey’ – a metallic paint available on new Land Rover’s. With the body fitted back on to the chassis, we can now start fitting various new parts such as cloth covered wiring loom, master cylinders and copper brake pipes in the engine bay, as well as new lights, bumpers, badges and other external fixings.

Our Austin Healey 3000 has had all of the metal work and fabrication work completed, giving is a structurally superb body shell. The insides of the floor panels and inner wings were coated in black stone chip, before the whole body shell (including underneath) was resprayed in Satin Black. We are now ready to start fitting panels ready for the next stage of the body work.

This MGB Roadster, one of our three current MGB projects, has just had the interior made and is ready for installation. The customer has requested ‘Suffolk’ style seats, which are brand new and covered in biscuit leather to match the new trim kit. The engine rebuild is nearing completion, with us just waiting on the cylinder head to return from overhauling. Once that arrives the engine can be fitted, along with the brand new 5 speed gearbox.

Our Jaguar XK140 project is very near to having it’s maiden voyage up the road. A vast amount of man hours have been spent detailing the engine bay and cockpit, as well as carrying out substantial wiring works before installing the recovered original dashboard. The customer has requested an electric cooling fan to be installed, to nullify any potential cooling problems.

Meanwhile, our Mk2 Ford Cortina project is slowly progressing in the background. The original 1600 X-Flow engine has been fully rebuilt in house and fitted on new mounts. We are now in the process of the detailing the engine bay with either new or overhauled parts. The exterior has had the original grille, lights and bumpers fitted, with our aim to tackle the dashboard and interior next.

Lastly our MGA Roadster project is progressing well, as we move closer to getting the car starting and running on the ramp. The engine bay is all but complete, with us now waiting on the windscreen frame/stanchions to return from re-chroming and on the interior to return from overhauling. The dashboard and wiring have all been installed, so it won’t be long before this is driving up the road!

Our various other projects, including our Lotus Espirit, MGB Roadster, Alfa Romeo Spider, Ford Cortina Mk3, MGB GT are all also underway. To see how they are progressing, visit out ‘Sold Current Projects’ page.