Article No.14: Alfa GTV Metal Work

Welcome to another of our ‘Articles’ – a blog post illustrating the ins and outs here at Carn Bosavern Garage, based in St.Just, Cornwall. Ranging from details on a full restoration, to the intricacies of an engine rebuild, we take a look at both current and previous restorations on vehicles such as MGA’s, MGB’s, plus Triumph TR2’s, TR3’s and TR4’s. We will also give an update on our current stock of classic cars for sale and used cars for sale.

In this article we take a look at the substantial fabrication works we have carried out to a customers Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV.

This Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV is a customers own vehicle, that has been off the road since the early 1980’s. The car has been in the same family for many years, so we have been tasked with fully restoring the car back to original condition.

When we received the car, it was evident it was a fine line whether the car was salvageable due to the comprehensive corrosion. We methodically stripped the car down to a bare shell to assess panels and more importantly the structure of the vehicle.

A quick overview told us thousands of pounds worth of new panels would be needed in order to restore this car to its former glory. Because of this, the financial viability of the project was at stake. After speaking with the customer, we got the go ahead to sandblast the entire vehicle and then gather a shopping list of new panels needed to get the works underway!

A plethora of new panels, including 4 wings, front and rear valances, inner/outer sills, boot floor, spare wheel well, jacking points, box sections etc were all ordered. Works began by first cutting away all of the dead metal, before precision dry fitting and alignment of the new panels. Many areas of the car also required repairs, but instead of new panels repair sections were fabricated in-house and welded in place.

Lots of time and care was taken to make sure panels aligned correctly before welding began, as re-production panels are not always a carbon copy of the original. The sequencing of the works was just as important. After many hours, fabrication works were complete and we had a structurally solid vehicle.

The car is now ready to be transported to the bodyshop for the next stage of the restoration.

We carry out all aspects of fabrication work on all classic or more modern vehicles. If you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.