Article No.7: MGB Stereo

Welcome to another of our ‘Articles’ – a blog post illustrating the ins and outs here at Carn Bosavern Garage, based in St.Just, Cornwall. Ranging from details on a full restoration, to the intricacies of an engine rebuild, we take a look at both current and previous restorations on vehicles such as MGA’s, MGB’s, plus Triumph TR2’s, TR3’s and TR4’s. We will also give an update on our current stock of classic cars for sale and used cars for sale.

In this article we take a look at installing a hidden modern bluetooth sound system to an MGB Roadster.

During the restoration of this MGB Roadster the customer requested a stereo system, however didn’t like the idea of a modern radio causing an eye-sore on their period dashboard. Whilst there are period looking radios out there, after speaking to the customer they only wanted to be able to play music from their mobile phone.

We then agreed the best solution would be to install a bluetooth amplifier and speaker system, but do so in a way it doesn’t ruin the look of their car’s interior.

Using the original speaker box as a housing, we installed a dual voice speaker in behind using the original mounting holes. This was wired to a Bluetooth amplifier, which we installed discretely in the passengers footwell. We decided this was the best place to install the unit, as it is accessible but still hidden.

The customer had to simply sync their phone to the amplifier, which would then automatically connect every time the car starts up. From there, any music played on the phone would come out of the speaker and project out of the speaker box.

The end product was a superb sounding modern stereo system, without compromising the classic styling of the MGB dashboard!

This system can also be installed to other vehicles we restore – just enquire for details.